Black Magic Fertilizer Specializes in Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers

They are fertilizer products with characteristics that allow increased plant uptake and reduce the potential of nutrient losses to the environment. When blended and applied correctly they can save on the number of applications, mowings, trimming, clippings, and losses to the environment while improving turf performance.

What do Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers do for you?

Simply put you can do more with less. With rising costs, tighter budgets and increased environmental considerations now is the time to take advantage of EEF’s. They save you time and money and deliver the piece of mind of knowing that more of the fertilizer you are buying is being utilized by the plant.

  • Better on the environment
  • Less mowing
  • More cost effective (based on number of applications)
  • Less applications, longer feed times
  • Better plant health
  • Counter rising cost

Slow Release

XCU Has the highest nitrogen content (43%) and lowest sulfur content (4%) of any polymer-coated sulfur coated urea on the market. It provides gradual steady nutritional uptake for 60-75 days.

Controlled Release

Duration CR. is a polymer coated urea that delivers consistent delivery of nutrients over longer periods of time (up to 90 days). This consistent metering takes the worry out of maintaining healthy turf grass and plants for longer periods of time. It helps moderate the peaks and valleys of nitrogen release vs other nitrogen sources.

Stabilized Nitrogen

Umaxx, Uflexx are fertilizers that work by delaying the conversion of nitrogen to forms that can more readily lose the environment. This delay allows time for rainfall or precipitation to move the urea into the soil where it is less prone to volatilization by the use of urease inhibitors and nitrification inhibitors. These can be applied in granular form and are water soluble. Feed times up to 70-90 days.

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