About Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers

Ambient ground temperature, moisture and microbial activity affect the release rates of nutrients. This technology is designed to save you time and money and help avoid some of the headaches in turf management.


Micro Essentials Fusion – (MESZ) generally used in agriculture, we have been licensed to use this in the Turf industry.


XCU – PCSCU Polymer Coated Sulfur Coated Urea. These prills have at the center normal Urea, coated with Polymers and Sulfurs. Be careful though, soaking down any Sulfur Coated Urea in a water tank…strips it of it’s coating and makes it simply urea.

Duration is a controlled-release fertilizer that sustains turfgrass growth and color.

UFlexx – Long Lasting Stabilized Nitrogen

UMaxx – Very Long Lasting Stabilized Nitrogen

ContaiN – can be added only to Urea and reduces natural losses


  • Wolf Trax – Rather than add in a few prills of iron, we coat our prills for better coverage
  • Iron Sucrate – the technology of years past, YES, it does work, we have it. This non-staining iron product adds green where it lands


  • Diatomaceous Earth – Rather than filling your inert matter with more nitrogen or lime as an inert material, we use this natural product that breaks down naturally and offers pore space into the soil which reduces compaction.
  • Humik – This is what puts the “Black” into Black Magic Fertilizer. We fed the plant with fertilizer, now feed the soil with our Humik.
  • Biology – We fed the plant, now feed the soil. Adding microbiology to soil makes uour soils more alive and healthy for your plants needs.


  • Muriate of Potash (MOP) – is a wonderful source of potash, however it is generally a cheaper form of potassium.
  • Sulfate of Potash (SOP) – better for reducing problems with high sodium, salty soils since SOP Is lower in salts it does much more for customers