Fertilizer Solutions


This bag is perfectly formulated for new sod or new seed.  Put it down before laying sod or right over new sod to help your lawn transition.

Early Spring #1 - 19-3-5

Usually used in the spring, this bag is meant for waking up the grass. It is coated with weed prevention chemicals to reduce your weeds in your lawn.

Late Spring #2 - 20-5-10

Formulated for late spring and will have your grass ready getting stronger for the heat of the summer.

Summer #3 - 23-3-16

Once the sun and heat comes out, we utilize fertilizers that are meant handle our western summers.

Fall #4 - 20-4-20

Our fall fertilizer provides the perfect amount of nutrients to finish out the season, more importantly, it helps your lawn store nutrients for the following spring.

Soil Enhancer

Caring about the soil is just as important as taking care of the plant. 
Our Soil Enhancer provides all the things your lawn needs to be healthy in an easy to apply form. Recommend 1 – 4 times a year.